Supports manual and automated trading

Fast execution

Visibility and control of algorithms

Out-of-the-box algorithms

autoTRADER – our solution for manual

and automated trading

As markets rapidly evolve, traders need tools that give them the advantage. Trayport and Trayport VisoTech have developed the solution that traders demand. Trayport’s Joule screen, our leading trading solution for energy markets, is now enhanced with leading-edge algorithmic design and execution capabilities.

Competitive advantage

Joule now supports Trayport autoTRADER, a powerful trading tool for fully automated short-term power and gas trading on energy exchanges as well as brokered OTC markets. The autoTRADER solution:

  • Is fully integrated within Trayport’s Joule trading screen supporting manual and automated trading with no additional software required
  • Enables fast execution in milliseconds to get the best price
  • Provides out of the box algorithms for position closing and flexibility marketing as well as white box algorithms allowing traders full visibility of the basis of the algorithm decision
  • Allows traders to simultaneously trade all products in all price zones
  • Provides visibility and control of algorithms directly from your Joule screen
  • Allows traders to view time series (positions, parameters etc.) in your Joule screen

Flexible Trading

Access power & gas, spot, forwards & futures algorithms in one screen. The solution supports any combination of manual and automated trading – from fully manual to fully automated, or anything in between, including:

  • Automated trading at night and weekends for 24×7 trading
  • Automated trading only for specific situations
  • Automated trading of individual assets or portfolios

The Trayport autoTRADER allows users to react quickly to changing market conditions to fulfil trading targets without requiring manual intervention. It integrates seamlessly with manual trading, giving you full control of your trading process.



Easily differentiate between manual and algorithmic orders and trades in the consolidated market view. The ToolTips show traders additional information from the algorithm strategy giving you an enhanced view.


The autoTRADER dashboard allows you to visualise algorithm operation as well as current and past behaviour. Quick access to pause, stop and resume automated trading directly from your Joule screen.


View active orders and the value weighted average price (VWap) that the algorithm has achieved directly within Joule. Traders can manage and oversee multiple strategies in different dashboards to keep track of automated trading activities as strategies grow.


Visibility of the algorithm parameters to see what autoTRADER is using as the basis for trading behaviour.


If you’re interested in autoTRADER, please get in touch with our team using our form or call us on +44 (0) 20 7960 5511. Alternatively, feel free to book a demo session with one of our product specialists or attend one of our upcoming webinars.

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