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Trading Gateway Support Lifecycle

Trayport continually develops software in a changing market, and in order to do so effectively focuses resources on new releases and the majority of clients who use them.  It is Trayport's policy to support new releases of Trading Gateway for a maximum of 25 months, after which time, the release will reach its End-of-Life.

When a release reaches its end-of-life date, we will no longer offer the following services:

  • Any further software development or releases
  • Configuration work (including workbooks)
  • Diagnostic assistance (including production-critical incidents)
  • Gold Mapping Subscription Service updates
  • On-site consultancy services and training

After this point all support services will cease and an upgrade to the latest version of the software will be required.  Note that only the latest version of the software is available for upgrades to ensure the most up-to-date performance, stability and functional enhancements are available.  Users moving promptly to the latest version will benefit from the longest possible period of support.

A schedule of End-of-Life dates is as per below:

TGW Release            

Release Date       

End-of-Life Date     

8.9.x 28 June 2013 29 July 2016

Note that 8.9 is the only currently supported major version.

API Support
Trayport will support the use of the API for up to two major versions previous to that of the current Trading Gateway release, as long as that version is still in support as part of the product lifecycle. This should reduce the effort required for upgrade in the knowledge that the output of the API will remain compatible even though a newer version of the Trading Gateway is being used. As per above please note that currently only version 8.9 is supported. We recommend always running the latest version of the API as it may contain new fields available as a result of specific initiatives or workflow changes.

If you would like to discuss anything further, please contact Trayport Support:

Tel:         +44 (0)20 7960 5555
Email:   support@trayport.com