Our Culture

Interview with Meg and Mo by Brendan Hughes (Recruitment Manager)

Mo has been at Trayport for 5 years working as a Support Analyst and now as a Continuous Improvement Consultant. As the Founder of the Trayport Coffee Exchange along with organiser of Gaming Night, Film Night, Thank Fish it's Friday and the Trayport Newsletter, it's fair to say that internal culture is important to Mo.

Meghanne has been with Trayport for just over 3 years having come in as an Office Support Administrator. She has since moved to being Workplace Manager and also looks after our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), the Christmas Party and the Summer BBQ.

Brendan:  Thanks guys for taking the time to speak to me today. I know you're both really passionate about Trayport's culture. So to start with, can you tell me about life at Trayport?

Meg: It's awesome, the people really make it. I've been here 3 years now and love being constantly challenged.

Mo: I totally agree. At Trayport you get out what you put in. It's not always easy but what I like is that there are so many opportunities to get to know your colleagues. For one the office is set up to push communication with each other. I've worked at companies where this hasn't worked and as a result work just becomes a slog.

Brendan: You've been here a while Mo, you must have seen plenty of changes in the culture?

Mo: It's been over 5 years now!!!. Time has absolutely flown. I love it though. In the 5 years we've more than doubled in size, however a lot has stayed the same. We've been lucky that we've taken on some great people that have really enhanced the culture.


Brendan: How about you Megs?

Meg:. As a new starter there is always something to do or someone that shares a similar interest. It's a pretty diverse company with people from all over the world.

Brendan; Megs, tell us about the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Meg: It's how we support the local community. We do Food Drives to support Tower Hamlets, we've sponsored a club house for an inner city rugby club in Peckham as well as volunteer work like gardening and painting for nursing homes. Trayport gives a day a year to do voluntary work and we match peoples donations if they get 30 signatures.

Brendan: I see Mo you're currently fundraising?

Mo; Yep, me and Mo (another Mo) are walking 200 miles in 3 days. We're over £1000 and almost have our 30 signatures to get it matched by Trayport.

Meg: We've got a lot of really generous people


Brendan: What about this Coffee Exchange Mo?

Mo: It used to be a chocolate exchange but coffee was a bit easier to administer. Essentially it's a way to use our software to trade coffee. People can see how our clients use our software and is a great way to learn about what we do as a business. Also you can get amazing coffee for a fraction of the price. We sold 120 coffees this week!!!

Brendan: And there are Gaming Nights, a Film Night a Running Club, Fish and Chip gathering.....

Mo: There's everything. Gaming night used to be a bit un organised. Now we get 60-70 people and open up the big screens. As a business we work really hard and I think do a great job. It's just nice to be able to let your hair down with colleagues in a more social environment. As you mentioned there are all kinds of things going on to cater for everyone although there's no pressure to attend.

Meg I just find it's a great way to meet colleagues which helps when you work with them later.

Brendan; So what advice do you have for new starters?

Meg; Get involved with everything going on and look to learn from the amazing people we have.

Mo: I'd have to agree. Just get stuck in. Having a great culture relies on people getting involved.

Brendan: Great, well thanks a lot guys for taking the time to chat today.