Product Owner

What do you do at Trayport?

I have a varied and interesting role as a Product Owner. I’m responsible for product ownership responsibilities, collecting requirements from all stakeholders, both clients and teams in Trayport with requirements on how the software works and seeing the changes through to being used by the customer.

What attracted you to Trayport?

Attracting me to Trayport was the interesting work and great team atmosphere. When interviewed at Trayport, it was clear that it was a company full of very smart, friendly people, always willing to assist and teach you skills. As a new graduate when I started, I was given the support I needed to achieve much more than I thought possible in a short amount of time.



What do you most love about Trayport?

No day at Trayport is dull and there is always something to get stuck into and solve. Trayport promotes everyone working together collaboratively to achieve the best result. I enjoy being busy and being challenged to do the best job possible.

Tell us about the Trayport culture

Trayport is fast paced and driven to succeed. Everyone at Trayport is committed to getting better and learning new ways to achieve the goal of providing a great service to our clients. While committed on this, everyone is perfectly happy to give hard working people a chance and will happily train them to know everything they need to know to help deliver a better service to clients.

What do you need to be successful at Trayport?

Everyone at Trayport has strong opinions on the best course of action to make Trayport grow, even further than it has already. Being able to understand differing points of view and navigate through these to produce a final product is a great skill to have at Trayport.

What are the biggest challenges about working in Trayport and within your role?

What you need to be successful is also the biggest challenge in that people are very passionate about what they do so at times have strong views. As above being able to understand these different views and working together to achieve is a real challenge. In a positive way though.



How have you developed both professionally and personally while at Trayport?

I came in as an Assistant Technical Client Manager which gave me a great grounding in both the product and the markets. I was also able to really understand how the client used our software which helped me with my move to the Product Development team. By applying myself and putting myself up for development opportunities, I found that I have been able to progress very quickly.

What do you like to do when you’re not at Trayport?

When not at Trayport, I can be found at regattas, polo matches and travelling Europe.

Tell us a random fact about yourself

I have a private pilots licence.