Hillary Gray

HR Advisor

What do you do at Trayport?

My role as HR Advisor allows me to work across Recruitment and HR. The role involves meeting prospective employees while also supporting our current employees with queries.

What attracted you to Trayport?

Trayport’s company ethos, the work balance and opportunity to be part of a company that hires talented people and gives the opportunity for growth, development and to be successful.



What do you most love about Trayport?

I love the People at Trayport. I enjoy the camaraderie between myself and my colleagues, both those I work closely with and across the business. The work environment at Trayport benefits greatly from open communication, making it a relaxed yet professional and an engaged atmosphere to work in.

Tell us about the Trayport culture

We have a diverse group of employees from around the world. This develops many exciting experiences learning from others and broadens our knowledge of how to find ways to work together. Our office environment is open planned and allows easy communication with each other on professional and casual basis. Trayport is also an extremely sociable organisation with many socials throughout the year and a great way to get to know others in different areas of the business.

What do you need to be successful at Trayport?

I believe having a can do attitude and the willingness to understand Trayport as a business and what other people/departments across the business do. Also, being a team player, working hard and wanting the company to succeed in its achievements.

What are the biggest challenges about working in Trayport and within your role?

The biggest challenge I face in my role at Trayport is reminding managers within the company to keep HR updated and informed of changes. To overcome this, HR communicate with managers often to highlight the need for this information, to aid in running smooth processes and operations, making it easier for both managers and our employees. Also, another focus is to ensure all employees understand we are here to listen and offer confidential support and advise if required.



How have you developed both professionally and personally while at Trayport?

While at Trayport I have moved positions and am now in the role of HR Advisor which is exciting, with more responsibility and opportunity to learn. I have development my HR and Recruitment knowledge and continue to grow. I have been given the opportunity to train and learn new skills and understand the business and its needs. I am involved in bringing new talent to the business and engaging with current employees. This role allows me to develop a career in an area that I find rewarding and stimulating.
From a personal view, I believe Trayport has a great spirit in which I find encouraging. It has a great friendly and social culture which helps break down barriers between different departments and allow people to interact outside of the work setting. I find this has helped me understand our employees more and be able to relate to each other on a personal level, which strengthens relationships and communication.

What do you like to do when you’re not at Trayport?

I like socialising and dancing with friends, running, going to the movies and watching rugby - preferably in a pub!

Tell us a random fact about yourself

I am addicted to cereal…and I mean addicted! I too often eat it as my breakfast, lunch and dinner. I LOVE and appreciate Trayport for offering a kitchen fully stocked of many cereal varieties to keep me happy!!