What We Do

80% of the electricity powering your computer is traded through our platform

Trayport is a leading provider of energy trading solutions to traders, brokers and exchanges worldwide.

It develops, deploys and supports quality, resilient software for trading in multiple asset classes worldwide in cleared or OTC markets. Trayport's software is used by the world's largest trading companies in high profile markets that include physical and financial instruments. Founded in 1993, Trayport has offices in London, New York, Singapore and Birmingham.  While we've grown rapidly over the last 22 years, we've also fought hard to maintain what made us successful in the first place. We are ambitious with exciting growth plans within new markets in Asia and the Americas.

Our principal products provide the cornerstone of many commodities trading businesses.


GlobalVision Trading Gateway

For two decades the European energy trading community has been connected by Trayport® technology which underpins over 85% of all power, gas, coal, emissions and freight futures and forwards trading in Europe. We offer an aggregated trading system for participants wishing to view and trade across your multiple venues.

GlobalVision Exchange Trading System

A matching engine that enables cleared and bilateral trading, market operations and data distribution for exchanges. Trayport's Exchange Trading System offers low total cost-of-ownership, a unique pool of energy market trading house connectivity as well as FIX connectivity.

GlobalVision Broker Trading System

The system that promotes hybrid broking in the commodities and financial markets. The Broker Trading System (BTS) has proven itself to be the preferred hybrid broking system in the European energy markets. Since its creation, the BTS has been adopted by the market, and it has played a pivotal role in the success of the OTC broker markets in the energy and commodity space.

We are committed to creating strong and lasting relationships with all of our clients to ensure we support them in the growth of their business and their current and future markets. For more detailed information about our products and our history please visit www.trayport.com