Peter Conroy


Peter is responsible for the leadership and general management of the business. [more]

Combie Cryan

Head of Sales and Client Management

Combie manages the relationships and delivery of trading solutions to all of Trayport's trading, broking and exchange clients. His main focus is on growing commercially successful relationships through constantly refining Trayport's understanding of and offerings to its valued trading clients. [more]

Richard Everett


Richard is Chief Operating Officer responsible for overseeing strategy, operations and product and market development. [more]

Elliott Pickard

Company Secretary and Head of Commercial and Legal

Elliott is Company Secretary and Head of Commercial and Legal at Trayport. [more]

Karsten Schmid


As Chief Technology Officer Karsten is responsible for establishing, executing and communicating Trayport’s technical vision including aspects of software development, architecture, technology choice and leadership of the software development team. [more]