Kevin Heffron


Kevin is responsible for the leadership and general management of the business. This includes developing the strategy and overseeing all functions to ensure the business is operationally meeting the needs of its clients. [more]

Combie Cryan

Head of Sales and Client Management

Combie manages the relationships and delivery of trading solutions to all of Trayport's trading, broking and exchange clients. His main focus is on growing commercially successful relationships through constantly refining Trayport's understanding of and offerings to its valued trading clients. [more]

Richard Everett

Head of Power and Gas

Richard is responsible for Trayport’s strategy of supporting Power and Gas Markets globally. In addition he has responsibility for the product development and management of our core trading platform for traders - Joule Direct and associated features. [more]

Ami Katschinski

Head of Global Commodities

Ami is responsible for Trayport's activities in the globally traded commodity markets including the management of our US and Asia based teams and businesses. In addition he has responsibility for product development and management for our core Broker and Exchange matching engine platforms as well as our Clearing STP and Direct Market Access solutions. [more]

Stuart Muir

Head of Delivery

Stuart joined Trayport in April 2010 and as Head of Delivery is responsible for Trayport's managed services and business Infrastructure teams and the provision of deployment, integration consultancy and support for Trayport's product suite. [more]

Karsten Schmid


As Chief Technology Officer Karsten is responsible for establishing, executing and communicating Trayport’s technical vision including aspects of software development, architecture, technology choice and leadership of the software development team. [more]

Dan Smith

Head of Finance and Corporate Development

As Head of Finance and Corporate Development Dan Smith is responsible for regulatory strategy and business development at Trayport. [more]