Trayport, a leading supplier of electronic trading systems,
today announced further adoption of electronic trading in the Spanish power markets.
Established energy broker CIMD, A.V. recently enhanced its existing voice operations with
the launch of Trayport’s hybrid electronic trading platform.

Trading in the Iberian energy market has shown an increase during the first half of 2005.
The underlying strength of the Spanish market has been boosted by factors such as the
continued development of the adjacent French markets and the rise in sophistication of
the trading infrastructure of pan-European energy traders.

Trayport’s GlobalVision Broker Trading System enables Grupo CIMD to take advantage of
the increased interest in this market by streamlining access to prices, providing a vehicle
for quickly moving in and out of positions, and offering an interface that easily integrates
into price makers’ trading engines.

José Salmerón, Managing Director for energy markets at InterMoney Energía, S.A., the
consulting company at Grupo CIMD, said: “After brokering the Spanish power market for
years by telephone, CIMD, A.V. decided to launch an electronic screen because of the
increased interest in the market this year. They were able to enter the market straight
away, and feedback from the traders is that Trayport’s platform is very quick and easy to
deploy. CIMD A.V. has seen great results so far and is considering implementing
GlobalVision across different asset classes.”

“We are extremely pleased to be expanding further into the Spanish energy market with
Grupo CIMD,” said Edmund Hor, Managing Director at Trayport. “The speed of this
deployment in a new market confirms our view that Trayport’s software is the fastest
solution available today and we look forward to further expansion into North America,
Eastern Europe, the Middle East and North Africa over the coming year.”