Trayport, a leading supplier of multi-asset-class electronic
transaction platforms, today announced that its software has been selected by OneChicago to launch a
new electronic trading platform for Exchange for Physicals (EFPs) and Block-size Single Stock Futures

OneChicago, who currently lists SSFs on over 450 individual stock and ETF securities, decided to
undertake this new initiative in an effort to keep pace with growing market volume and in response to the
demands of its developing institutional customer base.

Trayport will provide OneChicago with its GlobalVision Exchange Trading System with an expected launch
in mid-Q1 2007.

“We have been working with Trayport as well as our market makers and institutional clients to ensure that
we provide the best tools to streamline and further fuel our growth,” said Robert Walsh, COO of
OneChicago. “Trayport’s flexible platform and interface will allow our traders to integrate SSFs into their
sophisticated strategies.”

Edmund Hor, CEO of Trayport, said, “We are excited to have our multi-asset class technology entrusted as
the engine behind OneChicago’s growth in equity derivatives. Given the current and projected volumes in
this market, we are fortunate to have the opportunity to work in partnership with OneChicago and continue
to expand our service to exchange clients around the world.”

Trayport recently announced that it would provide New Zealand Exchange Ltd with a platform for its core
equity and debt markets.