Trayport Limited, a leading provider of real-time, electronic trading
solutions, today announced its Implied Price Calculator (IPC), a major new feature of its flagship
GlobalVision platform. The IPC module uses real-time market information and custom-defined
rules to generate live tradable implied prices in the market.

The IPC allows users to leverage their own equations and trade against them automatically,
adding a new layer of logic to trading with GlobalVision, and opening up new opportunities for
smarter and more efficient trading. Bespoke spreads, utilising native and third party data feeds
can be created across instruments and calendars. For example currency conversions, spark
spreads and clean spreads are all possible with the IPC.

An early adopter of the IPC is Essent Energy Trading BV, which has signed up for Trayport’s
GlobalVision Trading Gateway platform.

“To ensure we remain ahead of the pack we targeted the IPC as a key execution tool for our
expanding commodity trading business,” said Stephen Cornish, Vice President of Capital
Trading, Essent Energy Trading BV. “It provides a stable platform for our cross commodity
arbitrage activity and ensures Essent is uniquely positioned to manage real time price exposure
on its large formula structured product range. Trayport have developed a platform Essent can
really use to keep its edge.”

Edmund Hor, MD of Trayport Limited said “The energy trading desks at Essent have shown real
insight in taking advantage of the new IPC capabilities. We are extremely pleased that they have
chosen our GlobalVision platform as a tool for creating their own competitive advantage. We
have no doubt that Essent will be very successful with Trading Gateway and the IPC.”