The European Energy Exchange AG (EEX) and Trayport
Limited have today announced that trading participants on the EEX Derivatives Market can also
now access EEX markets via Trayport’s GlobalVision Trading Gateway System.

EEX is releasing the EEX Communicator, an interface between the EEX Derivatives Market
System (Eurex) and Trayport’s GlobalVision Trading Gateway System. With this interface it is
possible for members to trade on the EEX Derivatives Market using Trayport’s screens and API.
The EEX Communicator supports the important trading functions of both systems. It includes
real-time updates of EEX market information such as prices and quantities and also enables
traders to enter, change, delete and execute orders, and integrate EEX order book into
consolidated order books.

“With the introduction of this technical innovation we have shown once again that we are not
only continuously working for a sensible expansion of our product range but that the technical
aspect of trading also plays an important role for us. Trading on EEX is becoming increasingly
simple and, hence, also faster and more transparent for the trading participants“, Maik
Neubauer, member of the management board and COO, explains.

“We are extremely pleased to work with EEX in the delivery of improvements in the trading
process and experience”, said Elliott Piggott, Commerical Director, Trayport Limited. “There has
been widespread interest from the energy trading community for ease of access to a wider
range of markets and the popularity of Trading Gateway and its ease of use makes it the ideal
platform through which to do this.”

The EEX Communicator is now available for download on the EEX website (
EEX members wishing to use the EEX Communicator will need Trayport’s GlobalVision Trading
Gateway version 8.5.2 onwards and to be accessing the EEX Derivatives Market via MISS
(Member Integrated System Server).