NZX's new electronic trading platform has gone live today with the launch of the new
GlobalVision trading system provided by Trayport.

Stuart Turner, NZX Head of Strategy and Projects said, “The delivery of this project on time and on budget is a
great milestone for NZX, as well as Market Participants, who have been heavily involved in rolling out the
system over the last eight months.”

NZX Market Participants and key stakeholders have taken part in training, systems testing and dress
rehearsals, working jointly with NZX to ensure a successful launch.

John Cobb, Co-Head of Goldman Sachs JBWere (NZ) said, “It is great to see NZX investing in a modern
platform that will enable development of enhanced functionality and comfort around reliability.
“The new Trayport system has enabled new functionality, such as a closing algorithm that has been popular
with our clients dealing in Australian equities,” said Cobb.

GlobalVision will provide the infrastructure for all the NZX Markets in New Zealand, and will also provide the
platform for the AXE ECN in Australia.

Mark Weldon, NZX CEO said, “The GlobalVision trading system brings us more flexibility and opens up
opportunities for our markets. As well as the functional benefits, that can be seen immediately, a key driver of
our decision to implement a new trading system was for future development of the NZX Markets.

“The new system will enable trading across a wider range of market products, unlocking currently untapped
potential, such as a derivatives market,” said Weldon.

NZX would like to thank the Market Participants for their expertise and contribution to a very smooth and
successful process.

Technical Details: Trayport's GlobalVision Exchange Trading System
Universal Trading Platform: Designed and built in close consultation with the exchange community, Trayport's
GlobalVision is a truly multi-asset-class system.

Order Entry and Matching Engine Performance: An order management, database and matching system that
results in a cost effective scalable exchange solution.

GlobalVision Front-End: As an alternative to using in-house or ISV front-ends, GlobalVision is deployed with
its own front-end with features including automatic generation of implied prices, market depth, full branding,
bespoke screen design, instrument linking, deal and order history, plus industry standard encryption.

FIX Gateway: GlobalVision supports FIX versions 4.4. The FIX Gateway gives seamless connectivity to ISV
front-ends, middle and back-office systems and external entities such as clearing houses and data vendors,
including trade reporting.

GlobalVision API: GlobalVision provides the GlobalVision API which is a COM based XML API that supports
order capture, trade capture and reporting. This enables connection for non-FIX compliant systems and

Internet based system: GlobalVision offers easy connectivity to users via the internet. GlobalVision is a secure
internet based system that can use a dedicated or open communications network that is currently supporting
over 8,000 trading screens globally.