OMIP, the MIBEL Derivatives Exchange (Iberian Electricity
Market) today announced that OMIP has developed the OMIP GV Translator, an interface between
Trayport’s GlobalVision Trading Gateway software and the OMIP trading platform (OMX Condico).
This interface allows members to gain increased access to the MIBEL Derivatives Market via
Trayport’s GlobalVision Trading Gateway.

The interface will allow market participants to operate on all MIBEL Derivatives Market products using
either a Trayport or OMIP screen. OMIP GV Translator supports vital functionalities needed by traders
including full market depth and increased visibility and accessibility. Installation and configuration
procedures are intended to be quick and simple via friendly graphical interfaces, facilitating efficient
trading for members.

“Using Trayport’s GlobalVision Trading Gateway confirms OMIP’s commitment to continuously
enhancing access to the MIBEL Derivatives Market, as well as improving its operational and technical
conditions”, says Jorge Simão, OMIP Board Member. “We have recently introduced a broad set of
new rules, products and systems enhancements, which make trading on OMIP increasingly faster,
simpler and more attractive for market participants.”

Elliott Piggott, Deputy Managing Director at Trayport said, “The energy trading community is
continually looking for better ways to gain access to both new and existing marketplaces. We’re
seeing an increasing uptake of trading in the Iberian region and continued interest in Trading Gateway
as the tool to access energy markets. OMIP is responding directly to the needs of its customers with
their Translator, which will streamline the processes and mechanics for efficient trading.”
OMIP GV Translator is available to be installed upon members’ request.