J-Oil Exchange Pte Ltd (J-Oil Exchange/JOX), today announced the
deployment of Trayport’s GlobalVision Exchange Trading System, enabling existing and new
members to integrate with the exchange. The implementation maintains JOX’s existing bilateral
settlement mechanism, and provides the ability to support cleared products across multiple asset
classes on a single server application throughout Asia.

Previously, JOX conducted trading through a web-based system with limited functionality and
integration capabilities. The exchange recognised that achieving its goal of market growth, particularly
within the energy, commodity and investment banking trader communities, would require investment
in specialist technology like GlobalVision.

Key features of GlobalVision include its multi-asset class capabilities, the ability to support cleared
and over-the-counter (OTC) markets, integration capabilities for straight through processing, flexibility,
and scalability, providing JOX with the capacity to expand into markets beyond Asia.

“The Trayport model appealed to us because the regular upgrades they make to GlobalVision mean
our customers always have access to the latest technology and functionality,” says Kazunori
Yamamoto, Chief Operating Officer at JOX. “We are currently evaluating ways to build our
membership base and liquidity as well as increasing the number of supported instruments.

Implementing the GlobalVision system provides us with the technical capacity and integration
capability to achieve these objectives.” Kazunori Yamamoto added “GlobalVision’s experience in
supporting energy and commodities across regulated and cleared exchanges was also attractive to
JOX as this gives us further options to grow our business.”

Elliott Piggott, Deputy Managing Director at Trayport, said “we have seen increased interest from the
Asian exchanges over the last year and are pleased to announce JOX as a new client to support in
the oil sector. This implementation shows JOX’s recognition and willingness to adapt to meet the
needs of its customers and markets. We aim to continue working closely with companies in this region
and further build upon the services we can provide them.”