Trayport Limited, a leading provider of multi-asset-class electronic trading
solutions, today announced that Fluxys, the Belgian Transmission System Operator (TSO) has
deployed its GlobalVision technology to allow real time trading of natural gas transit capacity on the
secondary market. The electronic trading platform, which required no customisation and drives
increased liquidity in the secondary market for transit capacity, went live in April 2008.

Trayport’s GlobalVision has fast become the system of choice for energy trading in Europe. Built with
the core flexibility that allows the easy introduction of additional asset classes, GlobalVision can be
used across any market type. Fluxys has initially launched short-term products including trading of
day-ahead capacity.

“Today’s announcement shows that Fluxys are leading the way in driving liquidity in the secondary
market for natural gas transit. They are the first Gas Transmission System Operator to provide its
customers with a more cost-efficient and effective way to trade this market,” says Dan Smith, Head of
Broker Systems, Trayport. “The introduction of GlobalVision adds value to Fluxys’s operations out of
the box and provides the flexibility the company needs to launch this service for its customers.”

At go-live in April, the Fluxys electronic trading platform became operational for secondary market
transit capacities between Zeebrugge and markets in France, Germany and the Netherlands. This
first phase will cover secondary market products for transit capacities in the Zeebrugge/Zelzate–
Eynatten and the Zeebrugge-Blaregnies pipelines. The following products are available:
Day, Weekend, Weekdays Next Week and Month.