London, 22nd November 2011 Trayport, a leading provider of energy trading solutions to traders brokers and exchanges worldwide, today announced the launch of Joule, its new trading screen. Joule builds upon the success of Trayport’s existing energy trading solution by offering significant improvements in trading functionality, customisation, speed and market making capabilities.  

Joule offers market participants simple deployment and improved functionality enabling users to work faster and gain greater control over their trading. The improved functionality has been integrated into a new interface although the user experience will already be familiar to Trayport’s Trading Gateway customers so they can immediately and easily adopt the new features.  

Improvements include the ability to dock and stack market sheets, view trade history, market depth, and use chart and Watchlist windows.  Users can now manage their market making commitments within dedicated screens. They can control multiple orders with a single screen whilst automating price updates based on other market prices.


The optimisation of workflow is critical to trading and Joule enables users to do this efficiently and effectively. Users can update and trade with a single click and update prices directly from the keyboard. They can unify order entries for standard and automated order and open charts directly from live market contracts in a single click.  New charting functionality will also allow users to view market trends via Candlestick, Volume and Price Plots and interact with charts to ensure they have the insight they need.

Commenting on the launch Elliot Piggott, Chief Executive Officer of Trayport said “We are proud of the contribution our existing trading screen has made to energy markets. It is already used by many participants as a primary trading tool. Joule is a result of our efforts to continually improve our solutions and its current suite of innovative enhancements reflects this.” He added “Joule is a real step forward and we are excited about the impact it will have now and the planned enhancements that will make it even better in the future.”