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Trayport® and Updata announce collaboration agreement.

London, 9, February 2015 Trayport, a leading provider of energy trading solutions to traders, brokers and exchanges worldwide, today announced that Updata have signed a formal collaboration agreement to integrate their products more fully for the benefit of our mutual and respective clients.

The agreement will enable Trayport and Updata to develop closer links between each other's products. Users of Trayport's Joule trading screen will be able to link out to Updata charts, while Updata users will be able to trade from visual chart alerts and will be able to develop powerful back testing strategies. Updata already runs on the Trayport API and in the future the software will be developed further to link to execution capabilities via the Trayport Joule trading platform.

Ty Khan, Head of Trader Client Relationship Management at Trayport, said, "We are delighted that Updata have signed a collaboration agreement. One of our key goals has always been to enrich the features and functionality of our software. Market participants want enhanced trading tools and the flexibility to seamlessly use these. This collaboration supports that goal. We look forward to a successful working relationship".

David Linton, CEO at Updata said, "Updata and Trayport already have many mutual customers and this is a natural next step for us and these clients. An increasing number of traders want to execute directly from visual chart alerts and want to develop back testing strategies. Firms will soon be able to take advantage of Updata's direct access to Trayport's software and services.

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