Trayport Products

Trayport Products

We offer a range of expert solutions across the full trade lifecycle. Our 3 principal products - Joule, Broker Trading System and Exchange Trading System provide the cornerstone of many commodities trading businesses.

Building around our principal products we offer a range of solutions that enable our clients to meet their requirements wherever in the trade cycle their needs may be.

Any trading activity is conducted with the specific trading venue. Trayport is a software provider of trading solutions and is not a trading venue. Trayport does not arrange investments or provide investment advice.


Joule® is Trayport®'s leading SaaS delivered electronic trading solution for energy markets. It provides an enhanced trading experience through an optimally configured desktop... [more]

Data Analytics - New for 2019

Trayport® Data Analytics is a new service arriving in 2019. Unlock data with a suite of sophisticated tools and features purpose-built for the energy markets. [more]

GlobalVision Broker Trading System

GlobalVision Broker Trading System - a matching engine and set of associated tools that offer the ability for an Inter Dealer Broker (IDB) to launch, support and grow OTC... [more]

GlobalVision Exchange Trading System

GlobalVision Exchange Trading System - a matching engine that enables cleared and bilateral trading, market operations and data distribution for exchanges. Trayport's Exchange... [more]

Automated Trading

Trayport®'s Automated Trading (AT) lets you run additional execution strategies with Joule®, ensuring you are as close to the market as possible. [more]

Trayport Complete

Trayport Complete is an integrated execution and regulatory compliance solution. [more]

Customer Portal

Trayport®'s Customer Portal is a purpose-designed, customer-facing web portal that allows you to efficiently distribute and receive real time quotes from customers. Effectively... [more]

Internal Marketplace

Promote better communication and simplify workflows with Trayport®'s Internal Marketplace solution for energy markets. [more]

Energy Market Access

Trayport's Energy Market Access (EMA) platform enables traders to access over 40 OTC bilateral and exchange traded derivatives markets using the services of prime brokers and GCMs... [more]

Hosted Clearing Links

The trend towards clearing has created a greater need than ever for seamless straight through processing (“STP”) of cleared trades. To meet this need, Trayport® is moving to... [more]

Implied Price Calculator

Trayport®'s Implied Price Calculator (IPC) enables you to use real-time price information to generate more complex implied spreads within Joule®. This allows you to realise... [more]

Conformance Testing

Trayport Conformance Testing ensures that third party or in-house applications are correctly interacting with the Trayport software and platforms. Testing is carried out for all... [more]