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Trayport Complete is supporting over 450 Market Participants to meet their regulatory reporting requirements under both EMIR and REMIT Phase 1 and 2 obligations.

REMIT 2 that came into force on April 7 2016, has meant market participants in the European wholesale gas and power markets will need to report the details of all contracts and trades that are not traded on an Organised Market Place (OMP) to ACER, via a Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM). Non-standard trades are defined as contracts with no defined quantity and price and/or executed under non-standard contracts. They typically include structured contracts, power purchase agreements or transactions between divisions.

Service Overview

The table below highlights the comprehensive Complete service for REMIT phase 2.

Requirement Phase 1
7 Oct 2015
Available via Complete Phase 2
7 April 2016
Available via Complete
Table 1 ‘On venue’ orders and trades as lisited in the TRUM Standard ‘Off venue’ trades with fixed volume and price
Table 2 N/A Non-standard ‘off venue’ trades that cannot use table 1
Table 3 Primary power transportation and capacity N/A Secondary power transportation and capacity
Table 4 Primary transportation and capacity N/A Secondary gas transportation and capacity

Delegated Services

Complete will also offer a full range of delegated services. This will ensure that those market participants who wish to report on behalf of their group or who want to provide a reporting service for their customers or suppliers can do so efficiently.

Enables you to provide a reporting service for your customers and suppliers

Automatically reports your customers’ side of the trade to ACER

You nominate the customers who will delegate to you, and Complete does the rest
Enables you to provide a reporting service for group subsidiaries             


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