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Energy Market Access

Trayport's Energy Market Access (EMA) platform enables traders to access over 40 OTC bilateral and exchange traded derivatives markets using the services of prime brokers and GCMs to access energy markets' liquidity.

What is Trayport EMA?

OTC physical markets

Trade European physical OTC power and gas directly in the wholesale broker markets via the counterparty credit lines of DMA providers currently offering this service on Trayport.

Exchange trading

If you are trading on the Exchanges available on Trayport using Joule, you can confidently trade within the limits agreed with your GCM (General Clearing Member).

Why EMA?

Speed to market

You can start trading and/or access new markets through a single relationship with a DMA provider enabling you to trade in a shorter timeframe and access new markets where you currently do not have counterparty credit.


Trayport EMA is available in Trayport's Joule screen, combining trading under your own company's name with your DMA trading all within Joule. It will ensure that you can trade confidently up to the limits agreed with your DMA provider.

Joule Trading Screen

Trayport's Joule trading screen is the leading trading solution for energy markets.

  • Faster execution
  • See better prices
  • Optimally configured desktop

The combination of these benefits make it the preferred choice for many market participants.

Next Steps

For further information, please contact your prime broker/GCM or Trayport:

Existing Trading Gateway clients: contact your Client Relationship Manager directly or email: ClientManagersTraders@trayport.com

New Sales: please email: sales@trayport.com

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