Execution and Matching Systems

OTC markets

Trayport's original product is our core product for OTC markets : GlobalVision Broker Trading SystemSM

  • Trading Gateway integration, and a large community of users
  • OTC Cleared product support
  • Bilateral product support, and associated credit matrices
  • Voice tradingHybrid voice / electronic trading
  • Pure electronic trading
  • Post trade clearing gateways
  • Incredible uptime, and stability
  • An enormous number of configuration options
  • Design your customer screens

If you're launching an OTC market in commodities, why would you go anywhere else?

Exchange Markets

Trayport provides one of the easiest exchange matching engines to set up and operate in the world.  The GlobalVision Exchange Trading System is operating as the matching engine for a number of national stock exchanges and a number of commodities exchanges.

External communication with pre and post trade systems and services is supported using standard connectivity tools including FIX, specialized risk, clearing and market data interfaces and a generic API.

Trayport's Exchange Trading System includes connectivity to the Trading Gateway community for instant access to most of the world's largest commodities and energy trading houses. The  Front-End can be customised and white labelled and provides a standard FIX gateway for applicable markets.

Supporting these operations is a comprehensive suite of administration functions. These enable an exchange to set up and offer trading in new instruments and markets in a timely and efficient manner without recourse to Trayport.