Order Entry and Management

Trading GatewaySM

  • Simple order entry across multiple venues is central to the value traders receive from Trading Gateway.
  • Trading Gateway allows the choice of which broker or exchange is most suitable on an order by order basis, execute cross venue spreads, hidden quantity orders and more.
  • Manage orders across multiple venues and commodities from simple, purpose-built screens.
  • Trading Gateway allows the trader to effectively control multiple bids, offers and spreads concurrently to react fast to market moves.
  • Traders can withdraw orders from multiple brokers and exchanges without having to change system

Automated TradingSM

  • Available as an additional tool and licensed separately, Automated Trading is an effective addition to the Trading Gateway system.
  • The Automated Trading tool allows the trading firm to build their own firm specific rules, and incorporate these directly into the Trading Gateway screen on their desks.  This means no separate interface to refer to for automated trades, and no learning curve for traders.
  • This tool comes with a pack of ready-made example tools, available to use out of the box or as templates to be extended, including ghost, discretionary, stop limits, syntheric spread or hidden iceberg.

Internal MarketplaceSM

  • The latest addition to our order management systems is our Internal Marketplace platform.
  • This is designed to assist in streamlining and reducing risk for larger or geographically spread trading operations.
  • Internal Marketplace acts as the internal conduit by which external market prices can be distributed, alongside prices made by traders for intra company access only (curves and similar data), as well as allowing operations and hedging desks to pass their required orders to the external trading teams in a consistent, error free and auditable manner.
  • This can be used either in conjunction with Trading Gateway to fully optimise market access, or as a standalone tool, which is particularly important in wholly voice brokered markets such as middle distillates, where electronic data access is limited. A hybrid configuration is the most common