Pre-trade Risk Management

Do your clients want to trade the European Energy markets using Trayport screens?

Is your risk department concerned with just providing post-trade risk management?

If you are a prime broker or General Clearing Member, Trayport's EMA GatewaySM  allows your clients to access the European Energy markets using your credit and membership safely.  This is because risk management is done pre-order and pre-trade using EMA Gateway.

  • Your risk manager can set up and check users, tradable products, and various limits before they are sent to the trading venue to ensure trading limits are maintained
  • Your risk manager can change a clients limits, halt (or limit) their trading or manage a clients positions all in real-time.
  • Clients can still trade using the European Energy de-facto's trading tool, Trading Gateway, but connection is made to your server which checks the orders credentials pre-trade and routes them through the appropriate trading venue if acceptable.

Orders are checked for:

  • Max Order (Clip) Size
  • Max Long Position
  • Max Short Position