Reporting and Market Data


Trayport provides straight-through connections to all major commodity clearing houses in Europe that permit direct connections.

Our traditionally agnostic philosophy towards clearing venues enables us to pass on the benefits of free-market competition to our clients within this increasingly important function.

By not having to make a large financial commitment in terms of software, operations and infrastructure our electronic links to clearing houses help you economically reduce the potential for inadvertent errors.

Having Trayport's Clearing GatewaySM infrastructure enables clients to change clearing houses with the least possible fuss. Our Clearing Gateway solution therefore serves to add reassurance against restrictive practices that may well ultimately drive up costs with the consequential effects this will have on your market share.

By not being tied to any one clearing house or exchange, our interests are left free to develop the best possible functionality on the lowest conceivable margins.

Because of who we are and what we stand for, our focused but relaxed approach has evolved a product that after many years of intensive development is now highly specialised for back office commodities processing.

Back office

Trayport provides extensive levels of functionality for the back office within a system that is intuitive and easy to use.

Our philosophy towards the back office places the trader in the driving seat by providing maximum visibility on the events that affect a trade's lifecycle.

Our execution platform not only provides back office voice confirmation services, it allows real-time tracking of each counterpart's confirmation status and the clearing status direct to the front office trader's desk. This enables those doing the trades to monitor and take action at the earliest possible opportunity and to correct operational problems as soon as possible.

Trayport provides STP for your back office by providing direct connections to your Energy Trading Risk Management (ETRM) solution.

We understand the importance our clients attach to risk management. The efficiency and performance of any risk management system is dependent upon the data flowing into it. To future proof your back office systems, Trayport is developing a Certified Solution Provider network to ensure the quality and reliability of any interoperating system with our execution platform. By not favouring any one provider we have the flexibility and know-how to evolve our systems to cope with the ever-changing regulatory landscape and the new demands that will inevitability arise.

Ask whether your ETRM, Analytics, FIX interface or Trade Compression engine is a Trayport Certified Solution Provider to help you ensure it meets Trayport's minimum standards to maximize performance of your system.


Trayport can assist you in providing /monetizing data licensing support for distribution and the creation of new original works. We have extensive experience and may be able to provide advice and support wherever needed.