Surveillance, Clearing and Risk Management

Market surveillance, pre and post trade risk management, central securities depository (including clearing and asttlement) and registry are all critical functions in the trade lifecycle. With GlobalVision Exchange Trading System, Trayport offers a trading and matching engine with market connectivity, whether through FIX or proprietary APIs.  The system is deployed globally in more than 20 exchanges powering markets in a diversity of asset classes. These include spot, forward and derivative contracts in power & energy, emissions, commodities, equities, and other financials.

A robust fully integrated trading and risk management system is essential in creating and maintaining investor confidence in markets - both mature and emerging. Deployment of GlobalVision Exchange Trading System integrated with our partner products provides an exchange with highly configurable real-time tools that enable active management of markets and risks which meets the demands and expectations of investors and regulators alike.

Increasingly the demand from our clients and prospects has been to deliver integrated trading and risk management systems, a challenge which we have met through strategic partnership with a specialist supplier:

Percival Software

With Percival Software we have addressed the Central Securities Depository and Registry requirements of equities and bonds cash markets through integration with their flagship system, Depend. The main functions of Depend are:

  • Participant configuration
  • Trading platform integration
  • Clearing and settlement functions
  • Pledging of securities
  • Stock lending and borrowing
  • Collateral management
  • Other financial transactions
  • Integrated registry functions

The Depend integration is available in both tight and loose coupled mode supporting the regulatory and supervisory needs of different markets.