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Trayport is an experienced exchange software and solutions partner, servicing over 50 brokers and exchanges for 30 years. Trayport are committed to supporting our clients’ current and future business needs. With our continued investment in both the development of high quality trading software and the global exchange markets, we offer competitive solutions to exchanges in a range of markets, sizes and locations. The role of Trayport is as a technology and service provider for our clients, Trayport is itself does not operate an exchange. We focus on the software provided to support business growth and offer exchanges end-to-end solutions to cater to their market requirements.

The extensive flexibility of Exchange Trading System (ETS) provides exchanges with a single solution for transparent price dissemination, matching of interest and running of orderly markets. The ETS software is agnostic of the contracts listed upon it, and is widely used to organise both physical and financial markets, such as Energy, Freight, Emissions and Weather derivatives. With the ETS, you can offer your customers a user-acclaimed and reliable solution for trading in your market and achieve the ultimate goal of greater liquidity. Trayport Exchange Trading System is a powerful, real-time matching engine and front end trading system designed specifically to enable commodity exchanges to host an electronic marketplace.

We have brought our many years of experience in European energy markets into the development of our products, so we can best support your exchange. We are confident in meeting all your requirements as we have a track record of delivering exchange solutions to over 20 exchanges globally.


Market Access

ETS gives you access to the desktops of over 8,700+ traders actively using Trayport Joule to transact instruments in power, gas, emissions, coal, iron ore, freight and refined oil.


No exchange is too large or too small. Whether it’s size of exchange or size of market, Trayport can offer a scalable solution that fits your requirements. ETS can support multiple products across multiple markets. Our scalable system architecture allows you to handle thousands of concurrent users at any time. Expand your set of listed products, add new clients, enter new markets and even diversify into new business models, using a single platform.


ETS is the most cost-effective solution available in the market today. We offer a price competitive model with monthly license fees and a low consultancy overhead, meaning you pay for what you get and what you use. Our license model covers all asset classes and market types; there are no barriers to your future growth and success. Trayport’s flexible, pay-as-you-go license fee is based on actual monthly usage, eliminating the usual prohibitive capital expenditures proposed in traditional licensing agreements. The system’s minimal hardware/software requirements, low bandwidth utilisation, and high reliability result in low infrastructure, operational, and maintenance costs.


We invest in understanding the exchange landscape and ensuring our product fits you and your technology requirements. We introduce our product developers and implementation team from day one. We work closely with our clients utilising our joint expertise to deliver a solution that meets their requirements.  Trayport’s solution provides access to over 20 power markets (including German, UK and Nordic), as well as over 15 Gas markets (including TTF, CME (HH), NBP). 


The system’s XML-based APIs and DDE links enable streamlined connectivity with real-time integrations to 3rd party systems. Deploy a high-performance exchange trading system that facilitates rapid integrations for straight-through processing, all with no disruption to your business continuity.


ETS’s sophisticated, in-built connectivity tools are designed to automatically enable system connectivity and balance multiple connections on a real-time basis without compromising your business’ activities or efficiency. With fully encrypted communications, the system allows you to operate a proven, dependable, and secure trading exchange.


We pride ourselves on delivering on time and on budget. We have a flexible and dedicated team of exchange experts ready to launch, support, build and grow your markets.


With ETS you can provide a powerful, secure electronic marketplace and improve participant accessibility through the system’s diverse range of connectivity options which attracts more trading on the exchange. The result is increased market activity, fortifying your position as the heart of the liquidity pool.


Trayport grows with your requirements, the system’s rules-based technology allows you to configure and launch new contracts easily and quickly, with no need for expensive coding and testing.


To find out more information, please complete our enquiry form or email or call us on +44 (0)20 7960 5500.

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