About Us



Founded in 1993, Trayport is the primary network and data platform for European wholesale energy markets. Our network and solutions provide choice and support the growth of our trader, broker and exchange clients and trading markets. Our solutions are used worldwide in multiple asset classes across OTC and cleared markets. Trayport Limited is a wholly-owned subsidiary of TMX Group Limited (TMX Group).

Our success is underpinned by the following:

The platform for

Over 50+ brokers and exchanges, 300+ trader firms, 25+ third party solutions providers and over 5300 trader subscribers are connected to our network.

An enhanced view of the market

• The Global Gas screen supporting access to TTF, NBP and CME (Henry Hub)
• A complete range of Emissions markets supported
• A full range of contracts supported – from spots to years ahead
• Ability to calculate unique prices – including implieds and spreads

A comprehensive global network

• Trading systems fully support power, gas, coal, emissions, iron ore, freight and oil
• 20+ power markets including German, UK and Nordic
• 15+ gas markets including TTF, NBP, CME (HH)
• Clients across 40 countries

Advanced Trading and Analytics Tools

Leading-edge algorithmic design and execution capabilities and a full suite of enhanced solutions empowering users with the tools they need.

What Makes Us Trayport



Powering trading markets, providing solutions that support the growth of our clients in Europe and around the world.


To be an indispensable solution for traders, brokers and exchanges around the world in multiple asset classes across OTC and cleared markets.


We innovate for our clients. We are passionate about our business and delivering shareholder value. Together, we make markets better. We get things done. We operate with unyielding integrity.


Our people power our success. We are a place where talented people never stop learning, work together to make an impact and share in the rewards of our success.

Powering Our Success


Our Community

We are encouraged to get involved in a wide range of charitable activities from sporting events to community volunteering.

We support a number of national and local charities, giving our employees two days of leave over and above their annual leave to help them engage with the initiatives we support.

In addition, we also support international charities with three of our staff funded to help with a build project in Kenya.

Workplace culture

is something we particularly focus on and our continued success is testament to this.

Developing the right spirit of cooperation and work-life balance has been key to Trayport’s growth in recent years.

At Trayport we work very hard to bring the right people on board, create the right environment for success and invest in the development of each individual.

Peter Conroy - Trayport

Peter Conroy

President, Trayport

Peter Conroy is President of Trayport Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary of TMX Group Limited (TMX Group). Peter is responsible for the leadership and general management of the business.

Mr. Conroy joined TMX Group in 2004 and has served in leadership roles across the business, including as President of Shorcan Brokers Limited, TMX Group's fixed income inter-dealer broker, from 2008 to 2018. Prior to that role, he served as Director of Business Development, Futures Market at the Montreal Exchange and as a Senior Manager in Equities Trading at TSX. Before joining TMX Group, Mr. Conroy held senior positions at a number of software and financial services providers, and was a founder of Canada's first registered Alternative Trading System, or ATS, CollectiveBid Systems/CBID Markets Inc.

Peter has served on the Board of Natural Gas Exchange (NGX) and on the Board of Directors of The SandBox Project, a Canadian national charity whose vision is to make Canada the healthiest place on earth for children and youth to grow up. Peter currently serves on the Board of the Canada-UK Chamber of Commerce.


Richard Everett - Trayport

Richard Everett

Chief Operations Officer

Richard is responsible for overseeing strategy, operations and product and market development to ensure we successfully deliver the vision we have set for the company. His role provides the leadership to maximise our operating capabilities and the identification and assessment of strategic opportunities that add value.
Since joining Trayport in 2006 Richard has held a number of senior roles within the business.
Kartsten Schmid - Trayport

Kartsten Schmid

Chief Technology Officer

As Chief Technology Officer Karsten is responsible for establishing, executing and communicating Trayport's technical vision including aspects of software development, architecture, technology choice and leadership of the software development team.
Since joining Trayport in 2013 Karsten has held a number of senior positions including Product Manager and Lead Developer for our next-generation aggregation solution. Prior to joining Trayport Karsten was responsible for the energy trading solutions at Exxeta and Cirquent. Karsten has a degree in business information systems from BA Karlsruhe in Germany.
Elliot Pickard - Trayport

Elliot Pickard

Head of Commercial & Legal

Elliott Pickard is Company Secretary and Head of Commercial and Legal for Trayport. Since joining Trayport in 2008, he has been responsible for advising on all legal matters and strategic initiatives across the business including licensing strategy. Admitted as a Solicitor in 2004, he has a BA (Hons) Business and Law.
Nick Langford - Trayport

Nickolas Langford

Head of Client Engagement & Market Development

Nick is responsible for the client engagement and market development team at Trayport who execute the delivery of the vision we have set for the company. Since joining Trayport in 2012 he has been responsible for managing relationships with broker and exchange clients before moving to his current role in 2019.
Prior to joining Trayport, Nick has extensive experience in the financial services industry at inter-dealer brokerages, the London Stock Exchange and S&P Indices.
Caroline Lant - Trayport

Caroline Lant

Head of People

Caroline works closely with the company’s business leaders to develop, implement and champion the organisational talent and HR strategies needed to support Trayport's vision, operational and growth plans. Caroline's role encompasses organisational and talent development, performance management, culture, diversity and inclusion, retention strategies, recruitment, and employee wellbeing.
Prior to joining Trayport, Caroline gained extensive experience in the financial, professional services and technology sectors across EMEA & APAC. Caroline has a B.A. (Hons) in Economics, and a Masters in Human Resources Management.

Matthew Windsor

Head of Finance

As Head of Finance, Matthew is responsible for leading the finance and analysis function at Trayport. The role encompasses all aspects of financial management, business intelligence and analytics including external facing market reporting, such as the Euro Commodities Report.
Prior to joining Trayport in 2019, Matthew held a number of progressive finance roles with Trayport's parent company, TMX Group. Matthew has a business degree from the University of British Columbia and is a designated accountant in Ontario, Canada (CPA, CMA).