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Joule brings the wholesale refined oil network together, connecting traders, brokers, and exchanges, allowing for seamless light ends (LPG/NGL’s and Naphtha) trading on a single screen so you can focus on risk mitigation and trading success.

We offer trader screens for financially settled LPG/NGL derivatives in Asia, Middle East and U.S.A markets cleared on ICE and CME.

Trading Light Ends on Joule offers:

  • Derivative Contracts
  • Price Transparency
  • Benchmark Products
  • Agnostic Approach
  • Curve
  • Trading Alerts
  • API Integration
  • Excel Integration
  • Reliable & Trusted Software
LPG Trading Screen

Simplify your trading experience, use one screen to access the LPG/NGL market with Joule.

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Why Trade Refined Oil on Joule?

The Platform For Choice

Trayport has been providing energy trading software solutions since 1993, we believe in providing a transparent, liquid market, connecting Traders to real-time prices, and to the global energy network via our software, Joule.

Joule provides traders an aggregated view of all major OTC Broker and Exchange prices on a single screen, and is already a leading and trusted platform for banks, utilities, resource companies, and funds.

With proven success in many energy asset classes, we enable Traders a screen to trade LPG/NGLs, Naphtha and continually seek opportunities to expand this market coverage further.

More reasons why you should consider trading LPG/NGL’s, Naphtha on Joule? 

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