On-Demand Webinars

We've made many of our webinars available on-demand, with more added every month. Watch at a time that suits you.

Running Time: 45:09

Voluntary Carbon Market: Problems, Solutions And The Path To Net Zero

The global effort to lower carbon emissions for companies involves a lot of buzzwords lately – net zero, carbon offset projects and even the global energy transformation. But underlying all…

Running Time: 60:20

Trading Energy Storage With Algos | How and Why?

Trading on the intraday electricity market backed with an energy storage asset is becoming increasingly profitable, but it is difficult. This is because it involves performing complex real-time arbitrages over…

Running Time: 61:54

To Algo Or Not To Algo?

This on-demand webinar discusses the fundamentals of algorithmic trading within the energy industry. Our panellists discuss the myths of algo trading and the barriers to implementing them alongside manual trading….

Running Time: 53:18

The Future Of The Global Carbon Credit Economy

If we are indeed going to solve the climate crisis, it’s going to take all of us. More companies than ever are declaring net zero goals but what does that…

Running Time: 50:47

Environmental Strategies And The Rise Of Voluntary Carbon Markets

Companies, governments and regulators continue to tackle the environmental aspect of their ESG goals. For many, this means committing to a net zero goal, and yet it means much, much…

Running Time: 26:00

Data Analytics for Energy Traders

Did you know you can use Joule to analyse your data?  Watch this on-demand webinar on how you can use our integrated data analytics tool. What You Will Learn?   How Data…

Running Time: 38:26

Algorithms for Energy Traders

This on-demand webinar covers all the reasons why you should love algorithms as much as we do!  It’s designed to educate on how algorithmic trading through our technology, autoTRADER saves time…

Running Time: 30:45

Accessing Opportunities In Global Environmental Markets

Environmental markets are expanding and evolving across many different time zones and product sectors. Each offers a multitude of trading opportunities including hedging risk.  This on-demand webinar offers an in-depth…