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Voluntary Carbon Trading

Supporting A Carbon Zero World

Market Liquidity & Price Transparency

Global Voluntary Carbon Standards Recognised by ICROA

Six Contracts From Five Standards

Access A Global Market In One Place

The voluntary carbon market plays an important role in helping companies and countries meet their net-zero commitments. Historically the voluntary market has featured limited to no price transparency, limited liquidity and was difficult to transact: that's where Joule comes in.

Meet Your Net Zero Commitments

Digitalise Your
Voluntary Carbon Trading

Our digital trading platform – Joule – is available to trade voluntary carbon offsets with The Voluntary Climate Marketplace (TVCM) operated by IncubEx. This marketplace enables participants to place bids and offers on a live market. This supports the trading of offset standards recommended by The International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA).

  • Market liquidity and price transparency 
  • Nature-based solutions and offset types to meet requirements
  • Access to leading voluntary carbon standards
  • Simplified transactions through standardised contracting
  • Access to a global pool of market participants
  • Reduced time and cost to transact
Joule Trade Voluntary Carbon - Trayport

With voluntary carbon offset contracts available on a single digital platform, this streamlines the trading process for the numerous participants (project developers, organisations, project financers, and brokers) involved.  

  • Access to a global pool of offset end-user buyers 
  • Simplified bid/offer input with flexibility to modify on-the-fly
  • Standardised contracts to reduce transaction time and cost
  • Accelerate transition to a more liquid voluntary market
  • Access to a global pool of offset end-user buyers
  • Ability to supply additional project information or co-benefits
  • Standardised contracts to reduce transaction time and cost
  • Increased price transparency – for offset purchase, corporate and capex budgeting, risk analysis
  • Detailed offset information to enable due diligence prior to purchase
  • Standardised contracts to reduce transaction time and cost
  • Identify nature-based solution offset types or other projects to meet specific requirements
  • Align business with client demand
  • Access to a global pool of offset end-user buyers = Trayport network
  • Potential to build a much larger client base



Operated by and using the extensive experience of the IncubEx team, The Voluntary Climate Marketplace (TVCM) is accessible through Joule.  Offsets will be tradable in a hybrid way, whereby transactions take place through Joule with the final deal execution taking place through a bilateral contract.

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We are excited to be working with IncubEx, which will operate a digitised marketplace, with Trayport’s dedicated front-end screen being used for trading OTC, spot and forward voluntary carbon offsets.”
Peter Conroy, President, Trayport.


Our experienced support team are on hand to support your voluntary carbon trading via Joule.

How does trading the voluntary carbon market work on Joule?

The trading of voluntary carbon offsets on Joule is hybrid. Transactions take place on-screen with final deal execution taking place via a bilateral contract. The standardised contracts (Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard, Climate Action Reserve, and American Carbon Registry) simplifies the bilateral contract, reducing time and cost to transact.

In addition, WCI ARB offsets are offered, as well as a Volcar Generic contract.

What are the advantages of trading carbon offsets on Joule?

Joule brings transparency, access to liquidity and transactional simplicity to the global voluntary carbon market.  For corporations and sovereigns who have, or are looking to make, net-zero commitments, the Joule platform allows users to assess the cost of these commitments, identify preferred offset types and transact as often as needed.

Who can access the voluntary carbon market on Joule?

Trading offsets on Joule is available to many market participants, ranging from a corporation looking to fulfill a net-zero commitment, to a project developer looking to get the best price for their offsets or a trader looking to access market liquidity.

What carbon offset contracts are available?

Contracts are offered based on the following voluntary standards: Gold Standard, Verified Carbon Standard, Climate Action Reserve and American Carbon Registry. These standards are recognized by the International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance (ICROA)

In addition, WCI ARB offsets are offered.

Are offset transactions cleared?

No, voluntary carbon offset transactions are not cleared.

We are committed to providing efficient, reliable and resilient markets that connect people, ideas and capital to deliver sustainable growth. Our mission is to empower clients to become ESG leaders in their own right through tools, products and services. We lead by example, and do our part by taking responsibility for our actions in the face of climate change, and help to build a sustainable future for the next generation.

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