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Clients in 40+ countries
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We’ve come a long way since 1993 when our founder drew a concept on the back of a napkin (It’s on display in our office so make sure you ask to see it when you come in for an interview).  We’ve grown a lot in that time to be the leading technology provider of energy trading solutions.

With TMX Group as our parent company, we are headquartered in London with an Asia Pacific office in Singapore. We have recently acquired VisoTech, a Vienna-based algo trading company.

Our Markets

Our network and solutions provide choice and support the growth of our trader, broker and exchange clients and trading markets.
Our comprehensive Global network includes:

• Power markets
• Gas markets
• Coal
• Oil
• Emissions/Renewables

Our Products

We offer a range of solutions that enable our clients to meet their requirements wherever in the trade cycle their needs may be.
Our 3 principal products are:

• Joule
• Broker Trading System
• Exchange Trading System

These core products provide the cornerstone of many commodities trading businesses.

Our Clients

Our solutions are used worldwide in multiple asset classes across OTC and cleared markets.
Trayport's Global network consists of:

• 40+ brokers and exchanges in OTC and cleared markets
• 300+ trader firms
• 20+ third party solutions providers
• 4900+ Trader subscribers

For more information please visit the Markets and Solutions areas of our company site.