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A Rise in Boomerang Employees

This year at Trayport we have seen a surge of former colleagues returning to work with us, these people are known as boomerang employees. They originally left for a variety of reasons, but they all have one thing in common, they wanted to return to work with us. We spoke with Kaif, Pratik, Will, Qi and Luis to find out why they decided to rejoin the team and how they are settling back into life at Trayport. 

We heard many reasons for why our “boomeranger’s” returned to the team, from new learning opportunities, to our culture and the people. Pratik, a Senior Software Engineer said ‘I chose to come back to Trayport after learning about Trayport’s ambitious product roadmap and plans for the future. I saw it as a great opportunity to be challenged and learn more about scaling trading applications globally.” Luis, a Development Team Lead shared that his return was partly because of the people and their vision but explained it was also because of the culture, the learning opportunities, the communities of practice and knowledge sharing that is everywhere at Trayport. 

Kaif who started his career at Trayport in 2021 for a placement year as a Junior Software Engineer said; “Trayport’s culture is incredibly supportive and collaborative which provided the ideal environment to level up as a developer. At Trayport you are surrounded by exceptional developers who love what they do and being able to learn from them everyday is something I looked forward to while I was away.”  Luis said that on his return he was most looking forward to working with people who have a real passion for technology and a client focus.  

Qi, an Exploratory Tester, shared what she missed while she was away; “I missed the energy, the collaboration and I’m excited about the potential for personal and professional development and learning opportunities that Trayport has consistently provided.” 

We asked how they are finding being back in the Trayport Community, Pratik said “Trayport is a great place to work. The people and the culture makes Trayport what it is, it feels like I never left.” Will, a Principal Developer who first joined the company in 2018 also shared his love for the Trayport Culture “I’m a big fan, and it played a factor in my return.” 

When asked about the future, Qi said “I look forward to not only expanding my skill set but also advancing my career within this nurturing environment.”

At Trayport we are very proud of the exceptionally talented people we have working with us and the culture we have created. We are looking for team players who constantly look for opportunities to make a positive impact for our clients and business. If you share our vision and are motivated to challenge the status quo, we want to hear from you, check out our roles across London and Vienna here.

Caroline Lant
Working closely with business leaders to develop, implement and champion organisational talent and HR strategies to support company vision, operational and growth plans.