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Agile at Trayport = Mindset > Process

Scrum is not new at Trayport. It is leveraged by Technology teams to develop software solutions for the energy trading community.

Trayport’s strong company culture offers a great opportunity to evolve iterative software development. One of the Technology Scrum teams recently embarked on a journey to evolve their mindset, behaviours and process.

Some changes included:


  • Shift from output to outcomes
  • Create user persona to understand customer needs
  • Develop a Team Charter to form an identity


  • Move user stories to the DONE column on the Scrum board
  • Change seating arrangements to improve communication and collaboration
  • During Sprint planning, write user stories and tasks in sticky notes


  • New tracking tool dashboards – Sprint snapshot, roadmap, release plan and customer feedback
  • New design feedback loops (information architecture, wireframes and user flows) prior to writing code
  • Multiple customer demos per Sprint to receive early feedback

All of the above changes and more, were made possible by pausing development for a few days to reflect. Rather than jumping into process changes right away, we put people first. The intention is to share this journey with other Technology teams so that good practices and behaviours stick.

Trayport has been very successful at building a sustainable business model. To continue this trend, people’s growth and happiness is the focus. Alongside the people factor, as long as iterative software development supports short and frequent feedback loops, and can react quickly to market needs/changes, the future is bright.

Damien O'Connor
Head of Agile Delivery