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Celebrating Women’s History Month – Women In Technology

With March being Women’s History Month we wanted to take a look back at some of the incredible women who have been instrumental in creating the technological landscape we now have today. It didn’t take long to realise that the list is long and the variety of achievements women have made in technology is impressive. Below are just a few of the amazing women who have had an impact on technology.


Trayport Celebrates Women - Notes


The World's First Computer Programmer

1940s – Her notes on the Analytical Engine include a stepwise sequence of operations for solving certain mathematical problems.

Trayport Celebrates Women - Sun


"The Sun Queen"

1940s – Telkes invented a solar-powered emergency desalination kit for those stranded at sea. She then created the first solar-powered home heating system.

Trayport Celebrates Women - Rocket


NASA's "Human Computer"

1940s – Easley developed code to solve energy problems in space and on Earth. Her work included solar, wind and battery tech – later used for early hybrid vehicles.

Trayport Celebrates Women - Computer


First Person With A Personal Computer

1965 – Known for her work on the first personal computer (the LINC) and recognised by many as the first person to have a PC at home.

Trayport Celebrates Women - Calculator


Invented The Clarke Calculator

1921 – Clarke invented a device that solved electric power transmission line problems and foreshadowed the Smart grid.

Trayport Celebrates Women - Wifi


The "Inventor" Of Wifi

1942 – The self-taught inventor and film actress was awarded the patent in 1942 for her “secret communication system” – the precursor for wifi, GPS and bluetooth.

Trayport Celebrates Women - Code


Computer Programming Pioneer

1950s – The computer pioneer known for inventing FLOW-MATIC – the first English-like data processing language. She was also instrumental in the adoption of COBOL. 

Trayport Celebrates Women - Internet


"The Mother Of The Internet"

1985 – She created the algorithm behind the Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), a crucial part of the internet’s underlying foundation.

This is in no way an exhaustive list, and in no way all that these amazing women achieved. If you feel like learning more, Google is just a click away.


Jessica Peckett
Marketing Manager - a company culture enthusiast, strategist, and fan of tech and marketing operations