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Strategy and Corporate Development Analyst

What attracted you to Trayport?

I’d previously worked in Sales and Recruitment where it felt everyone in the room was doing the same job. Trayport offered me the chance to take on a varied role within a company with numerous functions. This would allow me to develop a full suite of skills and experience before moving into the area I felt most suited for.

What does it take to be successful at Trayport?

Fundamentally it comes down to hard work, your peers will respond to it and opportunities within the business open up off the back of it. We all enjoy going for a beer after work and it feels much better when you know everyone’s earned it.

3 important qualities needed to work at Trayport?

Be curious and keen to learn, be prepared to put in the hard work to achieve results, and be open with your colleagues – we’re a collaborative and social company.