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Principal Exploratory Tester

What is a typical day like for you?

The first and most important part of the day is breakfast at work! Usually cereal or toast but it can be anything from eggs to avocados to hot cross buns. To start the day, the team has a Stand-Up where we update each other on what we’re working on. As testers, we are involved in all steps of a product so a typical day could include going over and discussing the acceptance criteria on a feature, investigating an issue and looking for reproducible steps, pairing with a developer on test cases or exploratory testing a finished feature (testers also often pair on this). Outside of project work, I am also working with various people to improve our induction process for Technology and release process for our team. At 3pm the biscuits are deployed and, as is the tradition, biscuits are eaten.

Any tips for someone joining Trayport?

It might seem obvious and overstated, but be yourself and be honest! Question everything; our software is complex and there’s a lot to learn, so don’t be afraid to ask for help. Everyone here has a wealth of knowledge and is more than willing to help out!

3 important qualities needed to work at Trayport?

Enthusiasm is a key quality you will need to thrive at Trayport. You must be keen to discover, learn and improve your skills.

You will need to have an inquisitive mind. Curiosity will allow you to question why and how things work. Don’t just accept the way things are because that’s how it’s always been, always question whether it could be better!

Another important skill is problem solving. Keep track of any issues, approach hurdles with a positive attitude, be analytical with a systematic approach and take on the challenge to provide various innovative solutions.