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Tradesignal 11: Functionality Improvements

Introducing the first in a series of both pre-recorded and live Tradesignal 11 webinars. The webinars will cover different topics on how to use different features of the product, whilst highlighting functionality improvements that have been made during the last year.

The first series of videos cover the topics below:

  • 1.1: Tradesignal 11 – Getting started
  • 1.2: Tradesignal 11 – Building a Workspace
  • 1.3: Tradesignal 11 – Workspace Manipulation
  • 1.4: Tradesignal 11 – Charting Tools
  • 1.5: Tradesignal 11 – Chart Types
  • 1.6: Tradesignal 11 – Optimisation and Properties

Join us, to learn more about Tradesignal 11 features. 

Thrusday 30th November 14:00 GMT (15:00 CET)


Samuel Packman is a dynamic member of the Tradesignal team at Trayport, Sam blends his academic background in computer science with extensive hands-on experience with the software. As an up-and-coming professional in the field, he offers invaluable support to institutional clients, aiding them in navigating and maximizing the use of Tradesignal’s platform.


30th November 2023
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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