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Trayport Limited, a wholly-owned subsidiary of TMX Group, today announced that Ventriks has been successfully accredited as a Trayport Certified Software Provider (CSP).

Trayport’s CSP program is designed to enable third-party suppliers to connect to the Trayport system and better support our mutual clients. Trayport’s meticulous conformance testing ensures peace of mind for both the software provider and clients ensuring security, stability and reliability against Trayport technology.

For Ventriks, a cloud data technology company that offers a platform for data acquisition, integration and business intelligence, being able to offer its verified software to mutual and potential clients is a logical step.  The Ventriks platform complements Trayport’s existing suite of data, automated and algorithmic tools and will further enhance clients’ decision-making and the trading experience. Specifically, the Ventriks platform will connect to Trayports charting and analysis solution, Tradesignal.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ventriks to our ever-growing community of Certified Software Providers,” said Peter Conroy, CEO, of Trayport Limited. “The Ventriks platform will connect to Tradesignal for the benefit of mutual clients. We’re excited by the opportunities this brings to our clients and look forward to a continued successful working relationship with the Ventriks team.”

Richard Quigley, CEO of Ventriks said “We are very excited to be an accredited CSP for Trayport. This certification highlights to market participants that Ventriks is a trusted solutions provider that will connect to Trayport technology. It ensures that we can confidently serve the needs of any Trayport client looking to utilise our solution.”

He added, “Achieving this accreditation was a strategic decision for us, and enables us to meet the needs of Trayport clients requiring data capabilities.”

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