Did you know you can use Joule to analyse your data?  Watch this on-demand webinar on how you can use our integrated data analytics tool.

What You Will Learn?  

  • How Data Analytics allows traders to gain access to historical order, trade data and views
  • Learn how the Data Analytics API allows traders to programmatically access data and use for trader needs
  • How to build a simple python query to retrieve and visualise data using the Data Analytics API

This on-demand webinar aims to provide energy traders, quants and analysts practical tools and knowledge to improve understanding of how our Data Analytics tool can integrate with your data.

Hosted By

Werner ZwiegelaarWerner Zwiegelaar is Head of Technical Pre-Sales at Trayport.
With experience partnering with clients on implementing trading platforms into existing landscapes, Werner has a background in energy and financial markets for more than 15 years.


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