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London, 21 January 2016 Trayport, a leading provider of energy trading solutions to traders, brokers and exchanges worldwide, announced today that MAKE Brokerage has chosen Trayport’s GlobalVision Broker Trading System (BTS) for trading in the Turkish power market.

Trayport’s BTS has proven itself to be the preferred hybrid e-broking system in energy markets. The Trayport BTS offers brokers access to a growing network of traders using Trayport’s trading technology. As an award-winning, multi-asset class electronic trading platform with a sophisticated matching engine and customisable front-end, the BTS is designed to enhance broker voice operations and facilitate an electronic hybrid brokerage model for OTC markets supporting an aggregated trading model.

Based in Istanbul from where it services clients across Turkey, MAKE Brokerage is an experienced domestic power brokerage firm that takes a holistic approach to managing their clients trading needs from price discovery to the marketing of complex long-term structured transactions.

“Moving to screen based trading will increase the amount of time available to us to better serve our clients’ needs. We did consider some local alternatives but decided on Trayport as it provides us with a market ready screen backed up with the tools we need to evolve this into a view of the market unique to MAKE,” said Murat Bogazkesenli, Managing Director at Make. “In addition and perhaps more importantly working with Trayport will enable our clients to rapidly migrate from the single screens currently in use in the Turkish market to the Trayport aggregation platform.”

“We are pleased that MAKE has chosen Trayport as its broker trading solutions partner. MAKE recognised our commitment to supporting both their developing business needs and those of the Turkish energy traders,” said Paul Constantinou, Regional Sales Manager at Trayport “We anticipate early adoption of Trayport’s aggregated trading platform in Turkey and this should bring a number of benefits including enhanced trading liquidity. MAKE is an important addition to our growing energy trading network.”