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Conformance Testing

Ensure optimal connectivity

Maintain highest standards

Safeguard integrity of Trayport environment

Reduce risk and cost

Optimal Application Performance

Conformance Testing is carried out for all major upgrades of external applications, with the primary aims of ensuring users receive the highest quality experience and the integrity of the Trayport environment is not put at risk.

Trayport Conformance Testing ensures that third party or in-house applications are correctly interacting with the Trayport software and platforms.

Benefits of Conformance Testing

Better serve market participants by ensuring optimal connectivity of external applications with Trayport software.

Provide market participants with assurance and confidence that conforming applications behave as expected and perform functions in a known manner.

Consistency of standards across all applications, while all new versions are tested to ensure highest standards are maintained.

Reduce risk and cost by safeguarding the integrity (stability, security and reliability) of the Trayport environment for the benefit of all our clients.

Conformance Test Process

The Trayport conformance test is designed to be thorough but time efficient, thus reducing client overheads. Testing is carried out in Trayport’s dedicated conformance environment for all new and major upgrades for applications connecting to the Trayport API.

The conformance test process typically takes up to 1 hour to complete for each client application.

Certification will be done in interaction with Trayport Support staff. The participant will be instructed to execute specified certification test cases and Trayport will verify that the relevant application fulfils the expected requirements and behaviour.

Read-Only and Read Write Applications

Next Steps

For any conformance related queries and to book a slot to conformance test your third-party applications, please contact us below.