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Customer Portal

Customer Order Requests

Branded for You

Net Pricing

Simple Set-Up and Self-Management

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Digitalise your Relationships

Trayport®’s Customer Portal is a purpose-designed, customer-facing web portal that allows you to efficiently distribute and receive real time quotes from customers. Effectively manage transparency and flow with your customer base through new tools that enable net pricing on a per contract, per customer basis.

The Customer Portal has been purpose-designed to allow you to manage a real-time indicative curve with a clear focus on price. The web portal shows customers your fair value and enables them to access accurate prices on demand.

Customer Order Requests

Automate existing order requests from your customers with a bespoke order management web screen.

Calculate and distribute a real time forward curve, complementing existing communication routes.

Customers can enter private buy or sell order requests which appear as notifications on your existing Joule screen for management.

Branded for You

White labelled, specifically designed screens help you build brand and customer relationships, to increase brand recognition and customer impact.

Customers purchase directly from you with no need to purchase any Trayport infrastructure.

Localised for your customers with English, German and Italian versions available.

Net Pricing

Net fees shown to customers on a contract- and customer-specific basis that enables them to view the net price whilst helping to increase accuracy and minimise your administrative workload.

Create automatic uplifts for customers that are applied to the top of stack price.

Create groups of customers to quote different uplift fees to.

Simple Set-Up and Self-Management

Contracts can be quickly and easily set up through Joule Direct Administration. This gives you the ability to test at minimal cost, and supports you in the creation of new business opportunities.

Customers can configure their own layouts to view the market in the way that works best for them.

Use of Joule Direct Administration to configure bespoke fees improves accessibility and reduces training and support costs.

Back Office Integration

The existing API and familiar deal/order formats provide simple integration to your ETRM system.

Consolidated view of customer order requests leads to improved visibility and management.

Data Anywhere

Mobile support offers access anywhere, including traders and placing orders on a mobile.

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