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Data Analytics & Tradesignal Integration

Help improve resource planning and workforce management

Reduced time from strategy conception, backtesting, optimization to go-live, all in one solution

Enhance efficiency and can reduce the number of analysts required

Combine multiple datasets from various data sources in one platform and easy to use coding language

Trader Solutions > Data Analytics & Tradesignal Integration

Visualise the orderbook in Tradesignal with Data Analytics

Combine the power of Tradesignal’s custom indicators with the rich data of Trayport’s Data Analytics solution to visualise the full orderbook depth for any contract, at any time.

  • Increase the benefits of data driven trading and insight when using our Data Analytics and Tradesignal solutions together.
  • Our combined solution benefits both front-office and back-office analysts and allows like for like data to be pulled from either platform to enhance trading.
  • Using Data Analytics and Tradesignal together means you are working with real-time data as well as historic data to gain better insight and boost your trading strategy. 
  • Users can analyse and optimise a variety of data sources as well as technical data on one screen, to gain a wider market perspective. 
  • Historic trading data enables capacity and workflow management knowing when is best to trade and resourcing accordingly.
  • Integrated data sets allow users to improve time-taken from strategy creation to execution with informed decision-making.

Are you an existing Data Analytics user?

Visualise the orderbook in Tradesignal with Data Analytics 

  • Full Depth of Order Book: With the Data Analytics integration, users receive an expanded view of the order book. This information is crucial for refining strategies and adjusting indicators
  • Visualise your data in charts 
  • Including slippage data from Tradesignal creates a ‘real’ cost scenario for opening or closing positions
  • Minimise opening / closing risk with access to slippage data
  • An easy to use coding language – Equilla, with the alternative of using Python 

Are you an existing Tradesignal user?

  • Enhance the procurement strategy; best opportunity to sell and best opportunity to buy
  • Access historic data from Data Analytics to visualise in Tradesignal charts
  • Access in-house database and fundamental data
  • Access to Ventriks via Tradesignal in conjunction with Data Analytics creates a central hub for all your fundamental and trading data needs
Level 2 Order Book Data
Expected Order Book Slippage
Order Book Volume

Use of the Data Analytics and Tradesignal products are subject to contract & relevant permissions.


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