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Internal Marketplace

Simplify Workflows

Minimise Risk

Enhance Internal Liquidity

Customise your Set Up

Better Communication and Simplified Workflows

Trayport’s Internal Marketplace supports increasing communication and internal order flows within organisations.

Streamline workflows for traders and users on a high performance platform through a set of tools purpose-built for energy products.

Internal Marketplace Functionality

Internal Trading

Enable private execution with other users within the same organisation.

Internal Automatching

Execute your company’s market orders internally.

The deal takes place internally and the external order is deleted, saving brokerage costs or exchange fees.

Auto Take to Market

Route internal orders to market and back-to-back any deals. It is also possible to route to market automatically after a user-set delay period.

Integrated Electronic Workflows

Simplify Workflows

Automate existing workflows to increase efficiency and reduce workload, allowing you to focus on more complex business decisions.

Manage orders in real-time with automatic and instant workflows that promote seamless working between both the internal and external markets.

Manage Risk

Track internal and external order flows to support your commitment to transparency and auditability.

Manage risk and view hedging activity at a glance through auditable records that provide the link between internal and wholesale execution deals.

Reduce errors and omissions in inter-organisation transfers and deals through validation and real-time reporting.

Enhance Internal Liquidity

Consolidate existing order flows at different levels in the organisation on a single platform and create a concentrated internal liquidity pool.

Optimise trading activity with automated matching algorithms that automatically match active wholesale positions with internal order flow.

Customise Your Set Up

Shape the product to your needs with customisable instruments and workflows.

Manage order flow and trades on both wholesale and bespoke company contracts.

Access prices quickly and efficiently through web deployment and read-only mobile access.

Next Steps

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