As technology continues to advance and access to high-speed internet becomes commonplace within metropolitan areas, many workplaces are reassessing the benefit to be gained and the practicality of having staff work remotely. 

For some businesses, this simply isn’t possible. But for others, many are starting to seriously consider how remote working could bring value to productivity, staff satisfaction and value for their customers.

As a company who provides flexible working options for our people (among other benefits), we’ve found this to bring value to multiple aspects of our business. Here at Trayport, work-from-home options have resulted in increased productivity, staff satisfaction, and retention to name a few. And because we have seen the benefits of remote working, we wanted to highlight that we have developed a number of features within Joule to help our users who may wish to do the same. 


For energy traders, working remotely would likely mean using fewer or smaller screens, and we are aware that this can make trading difficult. For this very reason, we have a number of features built into Joule to help traders continue to be productive with reduced screen real estate.

These features include watchlists, workspaces and keyboard shortcuts.

Additionally, our Joule Mobile application provides access to live markets from your mobile device, allowing users to monitor prices wherever they are, with live data directly from the market. 

For those who currently use Joule, you’ll be able to find a full Working From Home Guide with detailed instructions for how to use each of our features within the Web Help. 

customer portal


Web Help can be easily found by clicking the ? icon in the top right corner of the Joule screen or by pressing F1.

Our support team is also able to assist in helping any remote setup queries. If you have any questions, please contact us at or call +44 (0) 20 7960 5555.

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