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What attracted you to Trayport?

​A big part of what attracted me to Trayport was how friendly and welcoming the people are, from the support teams all the way through to Senior Management. It sounds very cliché, but working with great people can really make the difference between a job that you like and one that you love. Trayport people are passionate about what they do and work really hard, but we support each other as well. We also make the time to have fun along the way, which is always important!​

What is your favourite benefit at Trayport and why?​

At the moment I am really loving the yoga classes which are held weekly during lunch times. It’s a fantastic opportunity to reset during the working day, as well as being a challenging workout!​

3 important qualities needed to work at Trayport?​

Curiosity, passion and to be a team player!