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Who Do We Hire at Trayport?

I often get asked by candidates, “what type of person do you hire?

It got me thinking about the key qualities we look for in prospective candidates and what makes our employees successful within their roles. While the technical skills can vary greatly from role to role and function to function, the behaviours we look for in candidates don’t.

I’ve come up with 5 key qualities I think are important across all roles in Trayport:



The ability to work within both your direct team and the wider Trayport business is a key skill we look for in prospective candidates. That’s why working together in a collaborative way is one of our main strategic goals. We want to create a more knowledgeable workforce and a better understanding of the direction we as a company want to move in.


Problem Solving

It doesn’t matter what your role is, you will always need to navigate problems. We want to see evidence of where you’ve thought outside the box. Those that embrace problem solving are the ones most likely to succeed.


Focus on the Customer

No matter what your function, the customer needs to take forefront in your mind. We want our people to understand that we as a company are there to build the best possible product and deliver the most amazing service to serve our client base while being professional at all times.



As a cutting edge technology company in a fast-paced environment, you need to be able to embrace and adapt to change. With clients demanding the best, we need to be prepared to be flexible to meet these needs.


Willingness to Learn

For us to be successful, it’s important we bring on people who strive to continually better themselves. There is so much to learn at Trayport and working in environments where both technology and the market are constantly evolving, means learning is ongoing. As a company, we really embrace the desire to better yourself. This can come in the form of broadening your job role, taking on projects you have little experience in or hot-desking in other parts of the business to learn what they do.

Brendan Hughes
Head of Recruitment