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COVID-19 Update for March 30

On March 23, the UK Government introduced new measures in an effort to tackle COVID-19.

Prior to this announcement, Trayport had already taken a number of preventative measures within our workplace designed to help protect our employees and enable the business to operate at critical capacity.

We want to assure all of our stakeholders that we have comprehensive and rigorously tested business continuity plans designed to functionally support all critical operations during all types of crisis, including global pandemic.

Immediately following the UK Government announcement, we implemented an all employee work from home policy for our London Head Office, with the exception of a small number of employees attending the office who are performing a critical function. This policy has also been tailored to the needs of each of our overseas offices and is aligned to the country advice being issued within each region.

In addition, Trayport has tested capability for all critical staff to work from home. Should the need arise, we are confident in our ability to operate effectively with every employee working remotely, with minimal disruption to our clients and services capability.

While we continue to closely monitor the latest developments, and assess the rapidly evolving situation, our number one priority will remain consistent in all our decision-making: the health and safety of our people, our clients and the energy trading markets we support.

We ask for your understanding as we move to adapt in the face of this global challenge. If you require further information specifically related to our COVID-19 response, please email