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Managing Power Plant Production for VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH

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VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH is one of Europe’s leading electricity traders and part of VERBUND, Austria’s largest electricity provider. They required a software development partner to upgrade and replace its existing dispatcher information system with a system that could handle the increasing complexity of power plants and the data generated from these. Visotech – now Trayport – scoped and built additional functionality to the existing Periotheus platform to include Power Plant Management.

The Challenge – Complex System Requirements

In 2014, VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH made the decision to replace their existing main dispatcher information system. They needed a system that could support a structured representation of complex power plants that was easy to integrate into existing system environments.

The requirements for this new software solution were extremely complex. A series of existing legacy systems had to be replaced and several existing external systems had to be integrated.

The Solution – Power Plant Management

Given our existing long-standing collaboration, VisoTech – now Trayport – was an auspicious partner for the implementation of the project. In order to accommodate the special requirements for a production data management system, an expansion of the existing Periotheus Suite was specified, developed, and subsequently implemented within a framework of close development cooperation.

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The Result – Consolidated System Environment

As a result of the development cooperation between VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH and VisoTech – now Trayport – a new function was added to the Periotheus Suite*, Power Plant Management.

The Power Plant Management solution allows the complete power plant complex to be displayed and to use the resulting production data in a clear structure, in all its complexity, incorporating a wide range of influencing factors. Based on this standardised solution, VERBUND Energy4Business GmbH could cover all of the extensive requirements of the production data management system and succeeded in replacing several existing systems and applications and integrating Periotheus into their existing system environment.

The joint specification of power station management, as well as the subsequent gradual implementation and integration, was successfully carried out within the planned time frame and in line with budget expectations.

*Periotheus is our central data hub for all types of market-related communication and messages from all processes related to the energy industry. This includes trading schedules, SSO and TSO nomination, balancing group management messages, and more. 

Taking into account the requirements and using our experience, VisoTech - now Trayport - has managed to expand the software solution to include power station management, which has actually exceeded our expectations. In particular, the good usability and flexible connectivity with other systems should be emphasized.

Dr. Klaus HebenstreitResource Planning, Dispatching & Scheduling, Verbund Trading AG