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Trade Spot, IntraDay, and Forwards & Futures with Algorithms

Out Of The Box Algorithms

Scale With Your Business

Maximise profit opportunities in forwards and futures markets

Supports Manual & Automated Trading

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Long Positions
Short Positions
View and compare internal and external vwap
Manage your strategies directly within Joule
Quick access to pause, stop and resume automated trading directly from your Joule screen.

autoTRADER: Get a Competitive Advantage


Fully integrated with Joule, autoTRADER is a powerful tool to enable automated short-term power and gas trading on energy exchanges. It can also support forwards and futures trading on Exchanges as well as brokered OTC markets. 

  • Supports manual and automated trading for spot, intraday and forwards and futures markets
  • Identify best prices with accelerated automated execution (milliseconds)
  • Out of the box algorithms for position closing, flexibility marketing, gas arbitrage and power storage
  • Full visibility of the rationale for the algorithm behaviour
  • Facilitate simultaneous trading of all products in all price zones
  • View and control algorithms (positions, view and edit parameters, etc.) directly from your Joule screen

autoTRADER now supports Forwards and Futures, in addition to Intraday Continuous Spot Markets on Epex & Nordpool.

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Trade Your Way


Use algorithms to react quickly to changing market conditions, fulfilling your trading targets while limiting or removing the need for manual intervention. Systems that can control your trading process from fully manual to fully automated – the choice is yours.


 Use automated trading tools at night and weekends for 24×7 trading

Select specific scenarios to trigger automated trading 

Use automated trading tools for individual assets or portfolios

Out-Of-The-Box Algorithms

autoTRADER comes with a range of out-of-the-box algorithms to choose from. These include algorithms for Position Closing, Flexibility Marketing, Storage Optimisation, and Market Arbitrage.

Unleash Your Creativity

Use our developer tool to create and test your own algorithms using simple python code. Assess the performance of your algorithm by simulating its performance using real-time live market data within a read-only environment.

Scale With Your Business

Power Your Current
And Future Trading Needs

autoTRADER powers the growth of your business with scalable solutions and a range of options that can be customised to your needs. Our autoTRADER LITE solution is the ideal entry point into further automation allowing you to explore the benefits of using algorithmic automation within your trading activities.  

Or explore one of our more comprehensive autoTRADER solutions which include our most advanced full feature option, autoTRADER PRO. The PRO option provides you with a developer tool kit to create your own algorithms plus a REST API to quickly command autoTRADER.

New to autoTRADER

Trade Forwards & Futures

Designed By You | Built By Us.

Developed and designed with our clients for our clients, autoTRADER provides an opportunity for forwards and futures traders to develop their own algorithms using simple python code.  autoTRADER is compatible with our Tradesignal and Data Analytics tools for managing your trading triggers. Exclusively for our clients only, we have compiled a whitepaper written in consultation with clients and legal industry experts to make it even easier to understand how autoTRADER helps you to maintain MiFID II compliance when using algorithms to trade forwards and futures. 

autoTRADER can:

  • Manage venue specific trading limits
  • Apply controls to guard against limit breaches
  • Configure your own algos or synthetic order types by using REST API 
  • Simulate and backtest the performance of your algorithm whilst providing you with a clear audit of the algorithm behaviour


  • Quick turnaround from idea to using the algorithm
  • Visibility and control of algorithm
  • Ability to determine the rationale of algorithm behaviour
  • Use REST API to configure your own algorithm directly within autoTRADER
  • View open and closed positions as well as manage parameters all within Joule


  • Efficient analysis and prototyping
  • Commercial backtesting
  • Simple easy to implement strategies
  • Integrated within Joule


  • Robust framework to:
    • Perform functional backtesting
    • Test and optimise algorithm behaviour 
  • Built-in controls


  • A robust framework that:
    • Supports MiFID II compliance when using algos to trade forwards and futures
    • Includes trading actions limits associated with MiFID II
  • Ability to add general MiFID II information
  • Ability to identify which algorithm carried out an action
  • Built-in controls for emergency stop
  • Clear deployment staging including testing and simulation

Next Steps

Enquire About autoTRADER

If you’re interested in autoTRADER, please contact our team using our form or call us on +44 (0) 20 7960 5511. Alternatively, feel free to book a demo session with one of our product specialists or attend one of our upcoming webinars.

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You can download our autoTRADER brochure here: New call-to-action

“Due to the white-box approach and development tools in the autoTRADER, we were able to start with standard algos and gradually build up to our own sophisticated strategies. Our trading team can focus on higher-value tasks, and we now have several unique, AI-based strategies and are discovering highly successful new approaches. It’s definitely a win-win situation.”